The $5 Olive Green Jubilee Issue
The 5 shilling value from the 1961 definitive issue of Nigeria
The 12.5c blue Large Queen of Canada from 1868
Emily Carr's The Raven on 6c stamp of Canada from 1971
The 2c green Queen Victoria stamp from the First Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate
The 6d 1935 Silver Jubilee Stamp of the Bahamas
The 6c stamp of Canada honouring Louis Riel from 1970
The 50c Summers Stores stamp of Canada from the 1967-73 Centennial Issue
A Trial colour proof of the 10c New Brunswick stamp of 1860 in orange
The iconic 50c Bluenose stamp of Canada from 1929
The 1953 Coronation Issue of Turks and Caicos Islands
The 6c lake Queen Victoria Issue of Newfoundland
The 5c Nonsuch stamp of Canada from 1968
The 5c Royal Willam stamp of Canada from 1933
A proof of the $1 Ontario Law stamp from 1864
The 10c Mountie stamp of Canada From 1935

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Blog posts

The 3c Robert Borden Stamp of the 1972-1978 Caricature Issue of Canada

The Caricature and Landscape Issue of 1972-1978 - An Overview

This is post is the first in a series that explores the 1972-1978 Caricature and Landscape definitive issue of Canada. After presenting the basic stamp designs and discussing their issue dates and methods of printing, the remainder of this post presents a broad overview of all the different aspects that can form the basis for building a specialized collection of this issue.
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The 1972 Cornelius Krieghoff Stamp of Canada

The Commemorative Issues of 1972 - Part Two

This post examines in depth, the last three commemorative issues of 1972, issued by Canada post. Specifically covered in depth are the constant varieties of the Cornelius Krieghoff stamp, as well as the different fluorescent paper varieties, shade varieties, perforation varieties, paper varieties, Ottawa tagging, Winnipeg tagging, corner blocks, first day covers and commercial covers.
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