Ongoing Developments - Updated September 2, 2020

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress and is always evolving. As I receive feedback from collectors and discover new features I regularly make changes to the layout of the website, and so it make sense to have a page that briefly explains what these updates are. 

My last update was in December 2019, and there have been dramatic changes in the business since then:

  1. In September 2019 we introduced a weekly auction. What began as 40 lots a week has now evolved into over 200 lots a week, and has proven to be extremely popular with our customers. In response, we have made the decision to begin dealing in worldwide material, by holding "themed auctions", in which we choose 2 or three different issues, or periods from countries around the world and offer them as an in-depth auction that runs for several weeks alongside our normal range of Canada, BNA and British West Africa.
  2. The site remains English only for now. Unfortunately with everything that has been going on, I simply have not had time to explore the re-introduction of language translation, though this is something I do plan to look into as soon as I can. 
  3. I have now entered into a deal with a retiring stamp dealer in Winnipeg to purchase all of his worldwide inventory over the next 2-3 years. I will be purchasing it in stages, which approximately correspond to the themes I will be focusing on for the auction. 
  4. I had completed the excel based listing template and began to use it to upload my inventory of booklets, when the auction overtook the development of the retail listings as a priority. My plan is to resume its use and development of the retail listings once I hire my first employee.
  5. I have been in discussions with Working NB and a prospective employee that I would like to hire. Working NB has agreed to advance funding, and all that remains now is to finalize a start date, which I am hoping will be September 15, 2020.
  6. My first themed auction, which will feature the Karsh and Wilding Period of Canada, from 1952 to 1962, and will extend over the next four weeks, beginning on September 2, 2020. You can find more details about this on the Themed Auctions Page. 


Happy stamping!

Chris McFetridge