Ongoing Developments - Updated July 11, 2021

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress and is always evolving. As I receive feedback from collectors and discover new features I regularly make changes to the layout of the website, and so it make sense to have a page that briefly explains what these updates are. 

My last update was in June 2021, and the changes in our business that began over the last several months have continued to unfold into July:

  1. The auction has continued to enjoy immense popularity and continues to take up all our available time, BUT we are slowly gathering and organizing retail inventory as we lot the auction. This will hopefully allow us to begin listing retail inventory soon, being within the next few months. 
  2. We began our search for a second employee in the last few weeks and will be conducting our first interviews this coming week.
  3. We have made several changes to the auction schedule for the rest of the year to reflect two things: (1) material that has come in over the past few months and (2) our lack of success in securing some of the material necessary for themes we had planned earlier this year. We have dropped those themes and added new ones. Hopefully, when we are planning next year we will have purchased a sufficient amount of material to include the dropped themes in next year's lineup.
  4. In an attempt to improve the website speed, we deleted several apps that were not getting the widespread use, and as a result I am pleased to report that the site is now supposedly running as quickly as other stores on Shopify. However, we are still investigating the possibility of upgrading to a faster theme that will improve your browsing experience.
  5. We have deleted any items from the past auctions page that closed more than 3 weeks ago, in order to make it easier for you to find the recently closed auctions.
  6. I have not yet found a replacement for the discussion forum app that disappeared last month, but I haven't forgotten about it and hope to find the time to search for one over the next 2 months. 
  7. We have have been accepted into the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association (CDSA) as of last month, and have secured our anchor booth at CAPEX 2022 in Toronto, which will be held in June 2022. So, for those of you in the GTA, or who are planning to attend, we look forward to meeting with you, or catching up. 
  8. We haven't forgotten about the results of the customer survey that we held back in April/May, but we have not had the time as of yet to summarize the results. However, we will post them here as soon as we can. 
  9. We have added a page for selected rarities that can be bought outright. Most all of these stamps come from our consignors and are of better than average quality. It is my hope that you will enjoy viewing them. 

There's more, but I think that will do us for now.

Happy stamping!

Chris McFetridge