Ongoing Developments - Updated August 19, 2019

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress. I have been trying to leave e-bay since December 2016, which is 32 months as of the time I write. I had worked for several months on developing a site on a different platform - one that was not nearly as good as this one is. This website is the result of a completely new attempt to develop an information rich, resource packed site for all stamp collectors. Due to the amount of time that was wasted in developing the old website, I did not want to wait for every single aspect of this site to be perfect before bringing it live. So, it is a work in progress, and this page was created to keep you up to date with the changes that have been implemented.

Significant progress has been made since my last update in July:

  1. I have now introduced a weekly auction. It will consist of 40 items selected from stock, with careful attention being paid to cover all periods and price ranges. Bidding is set in $1 increments and all items will be awarded to the highest bidder. The auctions close every Wednesday night at 8pm atlantic time. Our auctions also feature a declining 3 minute clock at the closing time so that any bid placed in the last 3 minutes before close, extends the closing time by 3 minutes in order to give everyone interested a chance to bid. 
  2. The site remains English only for now. I am still investigating alternative language translation apps and expect to make a decision in October or November 2019.
  3. My main focus is now to complete the excel based listing template that will enable me to finally get my inventory listed on the site. It has taken many, many months to get to this point, but my belief is that this will prove to have been worth the wait. The template will allow me to list inventory much more quickly and efficiently than the standard input screens. I expect to complete the template by the end of September 2019. 

I have streamlined the product tags and reduced their number in order to make the collection pages load faster. However, because the inventory is very large, it will take longer for the pages to load, than for some other websites which have less. Visitors should also be aware that this site is optimized for mobile, so that the load speeds there are much faster than on desktop. However, the site does use browser caching, so pages will always load much faster with the second and subsequent visits. I have included a section on the "Navigation Tips" page discussing the speed issue and how to find the items you are looking for most efficiently. You can find this in the main menu under the "About Us" heading.

I have now connected Facebook messenger, so that you can contact me instantly on messenger and have connected the other social media channels as well.

I have continued to notice that there have been many searches for non-Canadian material, as I expected, and unfortunately due to time constraints, I do not yet have this portion of my inventory listed. I hope to be able list a significant amount of material over the coming months, as I am now ready to begin listing items in earnest within the next 8 weeks. But, it is important to remember that I cannot have all my inventory listed at any given time. So, if you are looking for something specific, and you do not see it here, I would always suggest sending me either a message over Facebook Messenger, or by e-mail. I will check my stock and get back to you within 24-48 hours.

My financing application with BDC was ultimately rejected after being told for 6 months that the business would qualify. So, we have decided to turn our attention to want lists and auctions as a means of providing the needed cash flow to continue developing the business.   I have not, as yet been able to resume publishing the blog posts, as I have still been dealing with a backlog of want lists, and other issues. However, I do anticipate that my publishing schedule will return to normal by October 2019.

Happy stamping!

Chris McFetridge